Acute and Chronic Pain such as Arthritis, Ligament and Tendon injury can be debilitating. Unfortunately, finding the right doctor and getting the right treatment to help heal can be challenging. At iOBX™, we specialize in providing Advanced Orthopedic Stem Cell treatments of the highest quality. Unlike most traditional treatments that serve as a band-aid, our advanced stem cell treatments are designed to provide extended pain relief as well as long-term healing. Our procedures are considered non-surgical and ultra-minimally invasive which means much less downtime and less risk compared to surgery. Below is an example of how our advanced knee stem cell procedure stacks up against joint replacement surgery.


PHYSICIAN TRAININGS Medical doctors with advanced bio-restorative fellowship training  Medical doctors without formal fellowship training
PAINFUL AREAS TREATED Knee, shoulder, back, neck elbow, hip, ankle/foot, wrist/hand & more Limited, often just 1-2 areas.
DIAGNOSTIC & TREATMENT APPROACH Assess the entire area, training all possible sources of pain & injury Partial approach leading to less likelihood desired outcome
STEM CELL TREATMENTS Viable, live stem cells from your own body onsite Taken from donor tissue non-viable/dead at time of treatment
GROWTH FACTOR/PRP TREATMENTS Highly concentrated, purified & uniquely Formulated One size fits all, non purified or customized formulations
PRACTICE MODEL Patient centered, individualized & customized treatment Volume based, non-customized treatments dictated by insurance
TIME WITH DOCTOR (VISIT & TREATMENT) 3-4 hours 30 min – 1 hour
ABILITY TO ACCURATELY ASSESS WETHER TREATMENT(S) MAY HELP Candidacy rating system to provide high accuracy in determening if a stem cell procedure is right for you No rating system, no ability to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment

We are unlike any non-surgical orthopedics center that you will find. How are we different? Unique to Charlotte and the surrounding region, we are the only medical group offering advanced Stem cell procedures in which Live and Viable Stem Cells are taken from your own body, purified, concentrated in a fashion is customized to your unique biological make-up and then used for the purposes of pain relief and healing. Our same-day procedures are designed to use your body’s own healthy, living Stem cells for pain relief and tissue healing.


Those with less experience in gathering your own stem cells typically rely on using tissue cells from an unknown donor-often from placenta or amnion. Not only are these cells foreign to your own body, the “stem cells” within are not viable/dead at the time they are injected into you for treatment. This is problematic, to say the least. We invite you to see our comparison below to learn more about how iOBX is unlike any other non-surgical orthopedic practices you may have seen.


At iOBX™️, all of our patients are offered a comprehensive evaluation. This comprehensive evaluation allows our fellowship-trained physicians to spend the valuable time needed to pinpoint the source(s) of your pain and offer customized treatment options that may be right for you. Don’t settle for second best; start your journey of healing and getting back to a life of wellness with iOBX. To schedule a comprehensive evaluation or learn more by attending one of our catered, onsite educational seminars, we invite you to call our office at 980-859-2340.

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iOBX Stem Cell Jeri

I came to iOBX™️ with pain in my elbow. I couldn’t work out at the gym or do my daily activities without pain that limited by quality of life. I had Bio-Restorative treatment done using by own body’s cells and have been very pleased with results. I am now back at the gym and not inhibited by my elbow pain. I would highly recommend iOBX for a natural, effective approach to healing and pain relief.

iOBX Stem Cell Ace

Being a NFL running back for a decade took a toll on my body. Going on 2 and a half years ago I underwent Stem Cell treatment with iOBX for both knees and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. I had cartilage loss, torn meniscus, loose ligaments, swelling and 10/10 pain especially in my left knee. Now I have virtually no problems with either knee and couldn’t be more pleased...

iOBX Stem Cell Chas

They helped me with a severely arthritic great-toe joint. Their treatment combined with the therapy they recommended at the PT Center has enabled me to go from walking awkwardly to getting back into jogging. A professional, caring, and helpful approach to health care.


To begin your journey to healing, please call us to learn more about our comprehensive evaluations as well as our free “Inspired by Bio-Intelligence” onsite seminars.

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