How much is stem cell therapy?

How much does a stem cell therapy cost?

Depending on your condition, stem cell therapy can range in the thousands; however, most individuals conclude that stem cell treatment costs are comparable to surgery after considering the out-of-pocket expenses and insurance deductible minimums.

Chiropractors and pop-up clinics will offer stem cell injections at low expense. These frequently are same-day procedures with no regard for a detailed clinical diagnosis, patient education, comprehensive treatment plan, and a plan for recovery. The quality of the treatment is often poor, and we see many patients come to us after they are dissatisfied with these dubious injections.

There are many stem cell clinics that offer unsafe and unproven treatments in Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, and other offshore locations. Many of these clinics are based offshore in order to escape responsibility for their unsafe and questionable practices. There are tremendous costs to consider, including costs for travel, treatment, and loss of wages during recovery.

Another thing to consider when evaluating the actual cost of stem cell treatment is that most workers’ compensation claims, VAMCA, and individual’s health savings accounts (HSA) will cover stem cells. We’ve created a checklist for anyone considering treatment in 2023.