Rotator Cuff Tear?

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Rotator Cuff Tear


What is the Rotator Cuff Tear?

The rotator cuff is composed of four muscle/tendons; however, it is the supraspinatus muscle tendon of the shoulder that is most commonly implicated in rotator cuff tear. This tendon along with the other tendons help in shoulder motion. Along with the deltoid muscle/tendon, the supraspinatus muscle/tendon helps lift the arm up and out. The rotator cuff (supraspinatus tendon) is susceptible to tearing and injury. When the rotator cuff is torn or injured, patients often have severe pain in the front or side of the shoulder, and down into the upper arm, with overhead activity and/or lying on their affected arm.

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At its foundation, iOBX® was created to provide cutting-edge, remarkable Bio-Restorative Orthopedic Stem Cell Procedures within a concierge, patient-centered experience. The Board-Certified Physicians, at iOBX® are extremely experienced in successfully treating rotator cuff tear and have devoted their careers toward treating Orthopedic conditions using Stem Cells from the patient’s own body. We are 100% dedicated to Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatments (You probably wouldn’t go to a part-time brain surgeon, so why would you go to part-time Stem Cell doctor or even worse a mid-level Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner). iOBX® Physicians have extensive experience in precisely implanting torn rotator cuff tear using cutting-edge precision guided imaging technology. Our amazing physicians always make sure to put the patient’s needs first in a complete patient-centered process, that includes concierge in-depth consultation with a medical doctor, and continuous check-ups even after the treatment. The wonderful work of our team is reflected in all our independent 5-star reviews.

Stem Cell Implantation Rotator Cuff TEAR

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A Proven Alternative: Bio-Restorative Non-Surgical Stem Cell Procedure for Rotator Cuff Tear

Traditionally, the only treatment for those with a painful, torn, or weak rotator cuff tear is painful, invasive major surgery. Now, there is a viable alternative option for you. The treatment utilizes your body’s own stem cells and other healing mediators called Autologous Stem Cell Treatment.

A Bio-Restorative Stem Cell Procedure of the Rotator Cuff Tear is an ultra-minimally invasive same-day non-surgical procedure designed to alleviate pain, improve function, and aid in tendon and Environmental Restoration.

In addition, to being less invasive than surgery, the procedure conveys less risk of complications and in in the case of rotator cuff injury much less downtime and pain following the treatment.

Patients typically find themselves seeing a difference as early as 6-8 weeks as opposed to an average of 6-8 months or more recovery after surgery.
In other words, the Stem Cells from your own body harness your own body’s healing capability to naturally restore, reduce pain and get you back to doing the things you love.

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Rotator Cuff TEAR Surgery is an Invasive, Painful, and Unreliable Surgery

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Rotator Cuff Tear surgery is a procedure in which parts of the injured rotator cuff may be put attempted to be put back in place using screws and suture. This procedure is meant to alleviate pain but is unreliable in doing so. There are profound downsides such as severe and prolonged pain, arduous and lengthy recovery. When this structure is repaired surgically, patients often find that the recovery process takes them “out of the game” for much too long. Perhaps as defeating, there are orthopedic studies which show up to a 50% chance of re-tearing the same rotator cuff within months/years following surgery, requiring additional surgeries. The risk for heart attack, strokes, blood clots, major infection, pneumonia, nerve injury can be significant.
Given the risks, extended pain and recovery process, many find themselves questioning whether surgery is worth those odds.

With all these flaws, wonder why Rotator Cuff Tear Surgery is so popular?
Read link: NY Times Article

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iOBX Stem Cell Bruce

“Before going to iOBX®, I had previously had surgery for a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder which was successful, but when I tore the rotator cuff in my left shoulder, I was looking for something much less invasive with much less recovery time. I had a torn rotator cuff and bicep tendon. The pain was a 7/10 and I wasn’t able to work out the way I wanted to... [Read More]

iOBX Stem Cell Deloris

My name is Deloris Sanders Mungo, a lifelong resident of Columbia, SC. I am 66 years young. About a year and a half ago, I fell down a steep incline and VERY badly tore my rotator cuff and also my bicep tendon. The pain progressed tremendously over time - I tried to make myself think that it would get better - but it only got worse. I could not sleep or hold my grandchildren or walk my dogs... [Read More]

iOBX Stem Cell Tony

I am sitting here on a rainy fall afternoon after having done chores all morning, and my shoulder doesn’t ache or throb. In fact, it just feels super normal. Six months ago, I could not have said that. Is it perfect, no. There is still more strengthening needed, and I have to do my daily stretching, but I can do anything I was doing 3 years ago before I injured it. The staff was especially... [Read More]

Proprietary 3-step process using your body

Unlike many facilities that use non-living/dead, potentially contaminated amniotic/umbilical/placental stem cell products, we collect stem cells from one’s own body and analyze preparations for quantity and viability to ensure that we are consistently delivering a high-quality restorative stem cell treatment of rotator cuff tear.
Harvesting of your body’s bone marrow and fat tissue using cutting-edge techniques allows for the collection of 200-300% more stem cells vs using lesser, “easier” techniques in harvesting those cells.
Within our Advanced Onsite Orthopedic Laboratory, your tissue is safely and manually processed using proprietary, FDA compliant protocols to optimize final bone marrow and/or fat stem cell and bone marrow PRP formulations dependent on the areas we are treating. Our ability to flexibility process your tissue to achieve extremely high quantities of your own body’s stem cells for the condition we are treating you for is critically important, as is our ability to count and analyze the viability of these cells. This is extremely critical for rotator cuff because will only hold a small volume.
At iOBX® we have the ability to DIRECTLY VISUALIZE the implantation of your own Stem Cells directly to abnormal or torn parts of the rotator cuff. Precision placement of your body’s own ultra-concentrated, purified Stem Cells is crucial to a successful outcome.
Along with a meticulous pre-treatment evaluation process and post-procedural rehabilitation course, this is the reason why more than 90% of our rotator cuff tear patients are satisfied with their results.