How long should I expect a stem cell treatment last?

The cells that you were implanted with will continue to work, heal, and form new cells in your area of treatment for up to one year. This does not, however, mean it will take you up to a year to experience relief. Most iOBX patients start noticing improvement within just six weeks following their procedure. As for how long you can expect it to last depends on your area being treated. Different joints respond differently to stem cell therapy. There are several long term studies (up to 10 years) showing the effectiveness of a bone marrow & adipose stem cell procedures for a number of joints, including the knee, hip, and spine.

Does the Physician Provider KNOW THE DOSEThis point is critical for giving patients a long-term restorative treatment. The number of cells is a crucial indicator of the success of stem cell treatment. Numerous studies have revealed that specific cell types can be helpful or hurtful during the repair process following a stem cell treatment. Knowing the dose of your stem cell treatment allows the Physician to provide an effective number of cells. You wouldn’t want to have a bunch of NSAID pills without knowing the actual dose of ibuprofen in each. You’d never know how many pills to take in order to relieve your headache.

What is the track record for the facility? Our Board-Certified Physicians have a successful history (online reviews), expertise, and the evidence to provide an exceedingly high-quality stem cell treatment.

But don’t take our word for it, Greg Ruffino, followed up with iOBX three years after his knee treatment. 

Greg Ruffino 3-years after a Stem Restore Procedure.