Low back arthritis and disc degeneration

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Low back arthritis and disc degeneration

The lumbar discs act as the cushions of the lower spine absorbing forces and allowing for spinal motion. Various factors such as Injury to the discs as well as advancing age contribute to degeneration or gradual wearing down of the discs. As this occurs surrounding small joints of the back such as the facet joints bear increasing spinal loads which leads to arthritis and pain. In turn, this can cause the muscles of the low back to spasm as well contributing to multifactorial low back pain that can be frustrating and debilitating.

iobx Low back arthritis

Downfalls of Low back arthritis surgery

Low back arthritis surgery for this condition often involves removing/cutting fusing spine bones using metal hardware. Low back arthritis surgery is often invasive and comes with significant recovery time. When hardware is added, studies show that segments below and above the hardware sites are prone to wear down quicker because more mechanical forces are distributed to these levels. In many instances, this may result in a need for additional surgeries in the future. Additionally, a patient may have no relief of their low back pain when compared to conservative treatment.

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iobx Low back arthritis

A Bio-Restorative Stem Cell procedure for Low back arthritis

A Bio-Restorative Stem Cell procedure for low back arthritis is an ultra- minimally invasive same-day injection procedure designed to alleviate pain, improve function, slow degeneration, and aid in healing. In many cases, treatment is focused on the facet joints and surrounding muscles and supportive ligaments. In addition to being less invasive than surgery, the procedure conveys less risk of complications and less downtime. Most importantly, it allows you to keep your tissue preserved rather than cutting it out and changing the strength of the tissue and mechanics of surrounding spine areas.


At its foundation, iOBX was created to provide cutting-edge, remarkable Bio-Restorative Orthopedic Stem Cell Procedures within a concierge, patient-centered experience. The Board-Certified Physicians, at iOBX are extremely experienced in successfully treating arthritic low back pain and have devoted their careers toward treating Orthopedic conditions using Stem Cells from the patient’s own body. We are 100% dedicated to Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatments (You probably wouldn’t go to a part-time brain surgeon, So why would you go to part-time Stem Cell doctor or even worse a mid-level Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner). iOBX Physicians have extensive experience in precisely implanting areas of low back arthritis and supporting structures using cutting-edge precision-guided imaging technology. Our amazing physicians always make sure to put the patient’s needs first in a complete patient-centered process, that includes concierge in-depth consultation with a medical doctor, and continuous check-ups even after the treatment. The wonderful work of our team is reflected in all our independent 5-star reviews.

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iOBX Stem Cell Brandon

My experience at iOBX couldn't have went better. I had both shoulders treated 3 months apart. The facility is top notch and everyone is always very helpful. I did my initial consult by phone which was very convenient since I live 3 hours from Charlotte. I met Dr Tucker 2 weeks later at which time I was given a thorough exam and was introduced to his staff... [Read More]

iOBX Stem Cell Mike

On Sept 16, 2018, I awoke to terrible leg cramps and pain shooting from my back down my right leg. It was excruciating and life-changing. I could not bend over, it was hard to dress. Life became very painful.I went to a chiropractor and began with daily treatments which started to alleviate some pain. Throughout the rest of 2018, I went to her and saw my doctor and his PA. My chiropractor did imaging which showed some problems with two lower discs, the right one impinging a nerve...[Read More]

iOBX Stem Cell Dave

For the past 25 years, I’ve contended with assorted back pain of varying degrees. Over the years, my overall back health deteriorated slowly in spite of disciplined physical fitness and assorted proactive and reactive maintenance/therapy. These included regular chiropractic appointments, daily stretching, bi-weekly massages, ergonomic focus, and periodic rehab...[Read More]