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Use Innovative OrthoBiologics treatment technologies and other adjunctive, synergistic modalities based on a foundation of safe, scientifically sound and substantive principles to help those with orthopedic related conditions heal themselves by optimizing the individual’s own body’s innate, autonomous healing capabilities all in a patient focused, caring, and fresh environment.


  • PATIENT CENTERED: Create a warm and caring patient-focused environment
  • PASSIONATE: Our greatest intangible strength is our passion for the services we provide resulting in a “different” and fresh patient experience
  • COMPASSIONATE: We seek to understand the debilitating nature of our patient’s orthopedic complaints
  • HONESTY: Clearly communicate how we can help our patients and partners, while being honest about our limitations when appropriate
  • DRIVEN: We strive to be leaders with a constant focus on how we can deliver world-class care to our patients both within and outside of the Carolinas
  • INNOVATIVE: We strive to provide safe, high-quality, cutting-edge treatment options for our patients
  • PARTNERSHIP: We desire to partner with quality individuals/groups who share our vision to create symbiotic relationships in treating our respective patients
  • UNIFIED CULTURE: Every team member is carefully selected, valued, and empowered to optimally flourish in performing his/her role within iOrthoBIOLOGIX