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Stem cell iOBX specializes in advanced stem cell treatments and has a 90%+ success rate treating acute pain as well as chronic pain and arthritis by transferring "stem cells" from your own bone marrow and/or body fat to an area where you’re experiencing pain. iOBX’s founder and medical director, Dr. Jason Tucker is Board Certified in Orthopedic Medicine and has additional specialized training in Sports Medicine, Interventional Spine, and Stem Cell treatments. He earned his MD degree at Marshall University. He underwent an Orthopedic Surgery internship at the University of Tennessee and completed his residency at Virginia Commonwealth University Med Center and has completed further fellowship training at the highly respected Bodor Clinic in California, Thomas Jefferson University and Pro-Scan Imaging. Content within release has not been evaluated by the FDA. iOBX is fully FDA compliant, but Orthopedic stem cell treatments are considered investigational by the FDA. You can learn more at: or by calling their Center at (980) 859-2340.
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iOBX Stem Cell consultation


Our patients meet directly with one of our board certified, advance fellowship trained physicians for 90 minutes and includes collecting in-depth medical history, comprehensive examination, ultrasound and treatment recommendations.

iOBX Stem Cell Harvesting


We are harvesting extremely high quantities of stem cells – 200-300% more than average. If you consult with anyone else about stem cells, we would encourage you to ask them if they are counting their cells, and furthermore – if they are determining the cell viability and apoptotic counts.

iOBX Stem Cell Processing


In our advanced, BIOLOGIX lab, we concentrate and manually process your stem cells that have just been harvested. Many clinics advertise “amniotic stem cells” as live, viable cells when in fact, they are not. We ensure cells are alive and viable, formulating and customizing them for your treatment.

iOBX Stem Cell Implantation


Doctors use image guided precision to implant the processed cells to the site of the pain, arthritis and/or tearing. Our technique is so accurate that we implant within a millimeter from the damaged tissue.

iOBX Stem Cell Post-procedure


Bio-restorative procedures have significantly less downtime than surgically invasive procedures. Our process is more efficient and more effective, allowing our clients to heal faster.

iOBX Stem Cell 1st class facility


iOBX team is passionate about delivering the highest quality of care possible before, during and after your procedure.

5/22/19 6pm - 7:30 PM

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Premium Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell treatment

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I had a complete tear of my ACL and was "too" old for surgery and not athletic enough. Dr. Tucker gave me the full treatment in March of 2017, I was without crutches or brace in 6 weeks and ran a 5K in 2018. Very professional and willing to answer all and every question. Had an MRI recently which showed healing and complete restoration to my complete ACL tear!
Debbi Beebe
14:01 17 Aug 18
Not wanting to have replacement surgery on the knee that had troubled me for years, iOrthoBIOLOGIX was recommended by my PCP Dr. Kanelos. Upon arrival I knew I was in the right place. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive. Dr. Tucker dispelled any worries I had about stem cell procedures, listening carefully to my input and following up with relevant questions. He was willing to spend the time necessary to help me understand the condition of my knee, the procedures that would be applied, what to expect following treatment and what I should do in the weeks to follow. I was particularly impressed with the level of follow up care provided and thankful to have transitioned from having near constant pain in my left knee, to being able to walk and exercise daily. As a 73-year old man who sees more doctors more often than I care to, iOrthoBIOLOGIX is among the BEST I've ever seen!
Adam Huckaby
13:00 18 Jan 18
I had been through Physical Therapy with 2 different practitioners prior to my Stem Cell treatment. I also saw an Orthopedic Surgeon that gave me a cortisone shot which lasted a few weeks. His recommendation was to continue cortisone shots, frequently, until I eventually needed a knee replacement surgery. My knee was swollen and I was in a lot of pain. Stairs were difficult and standing for any period of time was hard too. Exercising was impossible. The increase in my pain levels made even riding a bike unbearable. I had exercised all my life and I was in good shape, but my knee was stopping me from being able to do the most basic exercises and again standing was something I could do for only short periods of time. I found iOrthoBIOLOGIX through a local physical therapist that had seen success with his patients. I live in Wisconsin but chose to make the trip to Charlotte. I found Dr. Tucker and his staff to be very patient with me and answered all of my questions prior to the treatment as my case was more complex do to me having Rheumatoid Arthritis. I chose to do the Stem Elite Restore procedure followed by a STEMish booster for both my knee and thumb. Throughout the treatment, I could not have been in better hands. They kept me informed of what was going on and how to proceed afterwards. During the treatment, everyone was encouraging and informative as to what was going on. Honestly, Dr. Tucker is the best experience I have ever had with a medical doctor. He truly cares about his patients and spent a lot of time with me making sure the right treatment was selected for my case. I am now able to exercise for 30-40 minutes. I can walk for long periods of time, standing does not bother me and I do not have pain in my knee. I'm also pleased with the results of my thumb treatment as well. I feel like I have been given my life back. iOBX stays on the cutting edge of Stem Cell treatment technology and cares about their patients – I could not ask for better. Paula
Paula A Langlois
19:03 20 Apr 18
I want to thank Dr. Tucker and all the professional and friendly staff at iOBX for giving me my life back with their advanced Stem Cell treatments. The whole experience was positive from start to finish. It was wonderful to be greeted by my first name when I walked into the Center; the staff are so warm and personable, and I never had to wait. I appreciate the time Dr. Tucker and Dr. Zeckser spent with me to listen, assess and understand my problems and decide on the optimal treatments. That is so refreshing!I have been suffering from back and hip pain for the past several years and despite many different treatment modalities, short of surgery, the pain only worsened and slowly shrank my world. I was a very active woman who enjoyed a variety of physical activities, but over time I could not tolerate any of them without severe back and hip pain followed by lingering pain for days afterward. I could not sit still for a conversation, a meeting, a car ride, or a flight. My world shrank more. The final impairment that motivated me to explore stem cell treatment was when I could no longer tolerate a leisurely walk with my child. My world was closed. I had my Premium STEM Restore treatment into multiple disks in my low back and into my left hip about 5 months ago, and had a follow up “Stemish” fertilizer treatment 2-3 months ago. After both treatments and recovery period, followed by physical therapy I felt a substantial improvement in my back and great improvement in the hip. I no longer have pain in my back with normal activity, I can finally sit still and enjoy the moment, and I can enjoy a walk again. There is still occasional discomfort (2 discs haven’t been treated yet and hopefully won’t need to be) that I can manage very well with the tools I learned in physical therapy, but significantly less than before treatment and I can tolerate most daily activities without pain. I have a life again!Thank you all!Sincerely,Packy Spahi
Packy Spahi
13:27 14 May 18
I had my fully torn ACL repaired thanks to iOrthoBIOLOGIX. The staff there was kind, honest, and very helpful and available throughout the entire process! I have torn my ACLs on both knees. I have had both stem cell treatment (on my fully torn right ACL) and traditional ACL surgery (on my fully torn left ACL). Stem cell treatment was by far the better option. My recovery has been much more painless with my knee that had stem cell "surgery" and my recovery has been a good, smooth process. I would recommend iOrthoBIOLOGIX over a traditional surgery route to anyone trying to fix a torn ACL!!
Madison Gleason
03:41 21 Apr 18
“Being a NFL running back for a decade took a toll on my body. Going on 2 and a half years ago I underwent Stem Cell treatment with iOBX for both knees and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. I had cartilage loss, torn meniscus, loose ligaments, swelling and 10/10 pain especially in my left knee. Now I have virtually no problems with either knee and couldn’t be more pleased. Additionally, about 9 months ago I came back to iOBX for a lingering hip issue limiting me from walking without pain much less working out or playing golf. My hip was treated many times by elite level institutions with no benefit. After undergoing Stem Cell treatment with iOBX I now have no issues with the hip, the results have been magical. I’m grateful for what Dr. Tucker and the excellent Staff at iOBX have done for me.”
Ace Ryan
14:29 26 Oct 18
I had arthritis and pain in both my knees which gave me fear of instability and a difficult time walking, especially with stairs. The pain minimized activity with my wife and my dog, especially on the beach. I decided to choose iOBX over surgery because I wanted to avoid a knee replacement and the risks and unpredictability of that. At iOBX I found a very professional, cordial, no pressure environment. I had an Elite Restore treatment of the Bilateral knees using my own bone marrow and fat Stem Cells. I also had a bone bruising treatment and joint flushing of the nasty chemicals within my knee. The procedure went like clockwork and was not as bad as I anticipated. I’m now about 9 months out from treatment and have significantly less pain, more stability, and able to go on long walks and hikes, which I wasn’t able to do prior to treatment. I have much fewer “bad days”. I would absolutely and without hesitation, recommend iOBX to family and friends.
Frank Arey
14:57 22 Oct 18
I highly recommend IOrthoBiologix!! They are incredibly professional, proficient, and are a great team of providers that treat you well from the start all the way through the end. Dr. Tucker is top notch and truly cares about each and every patient.
Dr. Chad Kuntz
00:38 13 Nov 18
I live in North Carolina and was considering going to San Diego however I found iOBX. I had a great phone call with Jazmine and Camari who made the process smooth. She then came into the Center and had a great first impression. I was very comfortable with the staff who were more than accommodating, including Justen and Noelle. Dr. Tucker gave me a thorough evaluation and what I feel is an accurate, fair assessment of my situation. It was definitely worth the 4 hour drive.
Samantha Cobun
21:20 27 Nov 18
I came to iOBX with pain in my elbow. I couldn’t work out at the gym or do my daily activities without pain that limited by quality of life. I had Bio-Restorative treatment done using by own body’s cells and have been very pleased with results. I am now back at the gym and not inhibited by my elbow pain. I would highly recommend iOBX for a natural, effective approach to healing and pain relief.
jeri marko
21:06 30 Nov 18
“Before going to iOBX, I had previously had surgery for a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder which was successful, but when I tore the rotator cuff in my left shoulder, I was looking for something much less invasive with much less recovery time. I had a torn rotator cuff and bicep tendon. The pain was a 7/10 and I wasn’t able to work out the way I wanted to. I couldn’t even do daily activities that required me to reach above my head. After interviewing with other places, I felt most comfortable with the staff as well as Dr. Tuckers credentials so I chose iOBX. My experience here has been great and the staff is very friendly, which made the entire process quite fun. I had a STEMish and Stem Restore treatment for my knee and shoulder. The treatment day itself was a lot smoother and easier than expected with a 1 out of 10 on the pain scale. Now that I have had treatment, I am doing great. I am 95% improved. I am now able to do everything I want in the gym. I feel like I did before the injury!!
Bruce Marko
20:32 30 Nov 18
4 years ago I had a heavy car door slammed on my ankle while at work. A couple of days later, my ankle began to swell and I went to see a surgeon at OrthoCarolina. I was not able to partake in any of my typical daily activities. My husband and I were not able to hike and be as active together as we once were and any physical activity would cause more pain. I had surgery to repair the tear in my ankle in May 2015 and there was minimal improvement. I went back to the surgeon several times and found a year later to my surprise that there was another tear that happened following the initial surgery, I was told that there was nothing else that could be done to help my pain and swelling in my ankle. The pain, swelling, and numbness was unrelenting. After a second opinion at Ortho Carolina, I was told that I would just have to bear through the pain and take NSAIDs to help with the pain and help me get through my daily activities. I ended up finding out about IOBX through several different people who had treatment at IOBX, including a friend from church, my Physical Therapist that I was seeing at the time, a pain doctor I was with Atrium Health that I was referred to and a couple of other people who I met through mutual friends. I did a bit of research on my own and felt like Dr. Zeckser had excellent credentials and IOBX was known for being a first class stem cell center. The moment I walked into IOBX I was blown away by how approachable everyone on the staff was there. I felt like I was a part of a family. I loved how much time they spent with me during every part of the process and how they made my comfort their number one priority. During the STEMish procedure that I had following my initial stem cell treatment :). Dr Zeckser let me know everything that was going on and let me see the Stem Cell preparations prior to treatment after they were collected from my own body and processed. That was really cool ! Since my stem cell treatment , I now lead a more active lifestyle and I have pretty much no more pain. My numbness and swelling are almost totally gone. I am able to do a lot more now without pain and I feel like myself again ! The recovery time was so much shorter than I expected. I want to thank everyone at IOBX tremendously for the amazing experience and for making my road to recovery smooth and successful. I especially want to thank Dr. Zeckser ! You guys are awesome and I have recommended you to ALL of my friends and family and will continue to do so ! “
Arlene Brokaw
19:07 28 Dec 18
I have played competitive sports, particularly basketball, from the time I was a kid until I was 50 YO. Now, I’m 63 YO and feeling the pain of years of wear and tear. I have had a ruptured disc in my lower back since I was 42 YO and have managed it reasonably well, until now. The pain from that, acerbated by arthritis, had grown exceedingly difficult to deal with. In addition, the aftereffects of knee surgery to remove torn medial meniscus was preventing me from doing almost any athletic. A difficult pill to swallow for an active person. I was limping and my exercise routine was down to a stationary bike. Enter Dr. Jeff Zeckser, MD and the iOrthoBIOLOGIX team. A picture is worth a thousand words! No thanks to surgery – cutting, fusing, metal hardware. After visiting three renowned back and other surgeons, my conclusion was that there were no guarantees to surgery on my back. In fact, surgery could make things infinitely worth and dooming me to a lifetime of additional surgeries. I stumbled on iOrthoBIOLOGIX by accident, reading a magazine while lounging at the beach and decided to look into it further. At my first visit Dr. Zeckser and assistant Justen Johnson, I was thoroughly impressed – personable, cordial, easy to talk to, professional, but most of all, one of the most knowledgeable doctors that I’ve ever talked to about my issues. With all my previous doctor visits and significant research, I had built up quite a bit of knowledge. All that information confirmed that what Dr. Zeckser was saying was right on target and top-notch. Dr. Zeckser and Jason spent a great deal of time with me, via phone, emails and in person educating me and making me feel comfortable.I had four areas of concern – tendinitis in my left arm so bad that I couldn’t lift a cup of coffee without pain, substantial lower back pain, hip pain and left knee pain. From the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning, I was in pain. It sapped all my energy just getting through the day and it took all the fun out of life. After significant due diligence on iOrthoBIOLOGIX and stem cell therapy I decided to give the treatments a shot. With great anticipation and optimism, I elected to do the Stem RESTORE in the left arm as a trial run since it was the least disruptive. This would give me the opportunity to evaluate their processes with the least risky procedure. They harvested the stem cells from my own hip, and after processing them, implanted them into my elbow. The protocols were as good as you could possibly ask for – sterile, precise and effective. Also, the whole process wasn’t too painful. After about four weeks, I was completely pain free! This was after a specialist had told me the only way to correct my issues was to have surgery. So now that I was comfortable with the process, I chose to have their premium treatment on my back, knee and hip, again the Stem RESTORE. Similar to my elbow, but more difficult areas to treat, more time-consuming and with more risks. I also elected to have the stem cells implanted directly into the ruptured disc to aid with overall healing. This time iOrthoBIOLOGIX offered mild sedation which I chose to do given the pervasiveness of the procedure. Again, the procedure went like clockwork, some pain but manageable. After about 6 weeks, I had improvement, but not what any of us had hoped for…so what did iOrthoBIOLOGIX do, they essentially redid the process at a much reduced rate. After about 6-8 weeks from this process, I can happily say that I am not 100% (not unexpected given my age, etc), BUT I am 100% better – much reduced to zero pain. I am slowly moving back in the right direction, doing Pilates and back to age-appropriate athletic activities. I feel I have my life back. I would highly recommend iOrthoBIOLOGIX. Their procedures are customized to your specific issues, are much less invasive than surgery, and they work. They are completely dedicated to helping their patients with pain reduction, rehabilitation and altogether living life on their own terms again.
19:58 12 Jan 19
After a knee injury in a zumba class, I was left with months of unrelenting pain. An MRI showed a torn meniscus, bone-on-bone, and no cartilage in my knee. The ortho doctor I consulted recommended arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus, then treatment with stem cells. The torn part of the meniscus was removed. Dr. Jason Tucker came into my life when he agreed to talk to the patients of the doctor I had consulted, after the doctor's death. After meeting with Dr. Tucker and having him explain the stem cell procedure, and what I could expect from the treatment, I decided I wanted to try this procedure before dealing with drastic, risky surgery. I had two injections of stem cells FROM MY OWN BODY, several months apart with PRP at iOBX. The pain did not immediately disappear. I went through several months of PT and continued pain and discomfort, becoming discouraged at times. However, on 12-22-17, when I woke up, and there was no pain in my right knee! For over a year, I have been walking without pain, and I feel that I have Dr. Tucker, his wonderful staff, and the stem cell treatment to thank for my current situation. It has greatly increased my quality of life to be pain-free. Although I know many people who have had successful knee replacements, I also know a woman who went without a knee for 8 mo. due to an infection she got while in the hospital for a knee replacement. I am not willing to put myself in that position unless absolutely necessary. For over a year, I have carried Dr. Tucker's business cards in my purse and given them out to anyone who seemed even remotely interested in learning about stem cells. I would highly recommend the procedure, and iOBX in particular, to anyone who wants more information or is ready to try stem cell treatment using their own body’s stem cells.
Shirley Jenkins
01:12 14 Jan 19
My name is Deloris Sanders Mungo, a lifelong resident of Columbia, SC. I am 66 years young. About a year and a half ago, I fell down a steep incline and VERY badly tore my rotator cuff and also my bicep tendon. The pain progressed tremendously over time - I tried to make myself think that it would get better - but it only got worse. I could not sleep or hold my grandchildren or walk my dogs. Everyday life was terrible because of the pain. I got 3 surgical opinions and they all said they HAD to do surgery. Having had to have several surgeries the previous year, I did NOT want to undergo another surgery for anything and did not want to again be under anesthesia A friend of mine in Columbia had recently had the stem cell procedure on his meniscus at iOBX and was extremely pleased. I decided to go with my gut feeling and have the stem cell procedure with Dr. Tucker. I knew I could always have surgery if that did not work. Well, it was absolutely the right choice for me. The treatment day was very relaxed and I felt a lot of relief about not having to go to a hospital and get exposed to the many infections that I could have been exposed to. I was uncomfortable for about 5 to 6 days, but nothing like I would have been had I had a cut-em-up surgery and I had met so many people that had had rotator cuff surgery 3 or 4 unsuccessful times. THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR ME!! Although the recovery was a little slower than I thought it would be (I just did not know what to expect as this was new to me), when I turned the corner, I turned it 180 degrees! I was very religious in doing PT along with the recovery, and I am happy to say that my life a year later is completely back to normal, pain free, playing with my grandkids and large dogs, and couldn’t be better. The follow up from iOBX was excellent and any phone calls I made to them were immediately returned and questions answered. I did sign up for the stemish treatment, but did not feel that I needed it at the time and they agreed with me, and they were very prompt in refunding that portion of my payment. They also let me know that they would be glad to do it in the future at any time if I felt I needed it. So far, I do not, and don’t anticipate it as my comfort level is fine. I also swim most days and am back enjoying my life. I totally recommend Dr. Tucker and Justen Johnson - they are an excellent team, and I am so fortunate that they came into my life at a time I needed it most. I am happy to speak to anyone considering this treatment. I would be happy to save someone from having to have a hard surgery that might NOT be successful if they have an opportunity to go the stem cell route first to see if it works for them as it absolutely has for me. I have referred many people to them in hopes they will find the same success I have. Most Sincerely, Deloris Sanders Mungo
Deloris Mungo
15:34 23 Jan 19
My pain started five years ago in my right knee. I had severe pain when I walked and flexed my knee or when I went up and down stairs. I went to an orthopedic doctor and he recommended doing MRI. The MRI results showed I had torn ligaments and menisci and thin cartilage causing bone friction and pain. So, he recommended different treatments, starting with traditional treatments like NSAID pills, Cortisone shots, SYNVICs injection and physical therapy. I tried all these and had temporary relief but over time the pain became worse when I walked for more than half an hour. Sometimes it was so severe I could not function unless I took multiple NSAID doses during the day. The orthopedic doctor recommended knee replacement operation. But, being aware of serious side effects of the operation, I wanted to explore other options. I was told by a friend about a specialized physical therapy in treatment of deep tissue, called Integrative Manual Therapy. I did that for a couple of years, it helped to some degree, but the pain persisted. Then I heard from a friend that she did a stem cell treatment. So, I read about stem cell treatments, was excited about it and decided to learn more. When I searched the net, I found iOBX in Charlotte, NC, read all about it, went to the seminar there and was impressed with the presentation by Dr. Tucker and the testimony of a patient who talked about his experience. So, I decided to give it a try because if it didn’t work, I could still go for knee replacement. I was impressed with the staff, doctors and the facility. The staff were very helpful, and the doctors very professional and experienced. I was treated with kindness, respect and dignity through the whole time I was there, before, during and after the procedure. I have now had stem cell treatment on both of my knees with two booster treatments on my severely arthritic bone on bone right knee. I am very happy with the results. I have 95% improvement in my right knee and I’m able to function and walk for one hour or more with little or no pain in that knee and without taking any medications. I intend to have a booster done for my left knee to achieve the same results as my right knee. I recommend iOBX to anyone suffering from joint pain. My husband and I are very impressed with the professionalism, kindness and respect from the staff and doctors there. Dr. Laila Jan. 26, 2019
Laila Aljasem
16:42 26 Jan 19
“Having been a jogger for over thirty years, I developed chronic arthritis approximately 10-12 years ago. Initially cortisone provided relief for extended periods, and I was able to continue to jog, but had to discontinue seven years ago, when cortisone no longer worked. After that, I had several hyaluronic acid treatments with no success. I was in constant pain, with significant swelling, and at best was able to walk only a few minutes without having excruciating pain. Four years ago, I discovered whole body cryotherapy, which provided temporary relief from the pain, and swelling, but not completely, and the pain came back if I missed a daily treatment. However, my mobility did improve with the cryotherapy. Given the continued deterioration of the knee, at age 69, the only option appeared to be knee replacement surgery, which was scheduled three years ago, but cancelled. After doing further research into stem cell replacement as an alternative during the meantime, I came across information about Dr. Tucker, and arranged a consultation. My knee was in a lot worse condition than I thought – in addition, I had significant bone bruising, and at best had a 75% chance the stem cell treatment would work. Dr. Tucker performed the first stem cell treatment using my bone marrow in October followed by a booster in December 2018. I am very pleased with the outcome at this point, and after three months, my quality of life has improved considerably, there has been significant pain reduction with no swelling, and noticeable improvement in mobility and agility. The follow-on physical therapy, is enabling me to regain normal muscle strength in my left leg, and to return to a normal stride. I have confidence that the stem cells are continuing to regenerate. I believe wholeheartedly in this treatment and have nothing but praise for Dr. Tucker and the iOBX staff.”
aaron smith
17:21 12 Apr 19
For the past 25 years, I’ve contended with assorted back pain of varying degrees. Over the years, my overall back health deteriorated slowly in spite of disciplined physical fitness and assorted proactive and reactive maintenance/therapy. These included regular chiropractic appointments, daily stretching, bi-weekly massages, ergonomic focus, and periodic rehab. In 2017, a new challenge arose with chronic, mid-level (nerve-related) pain in one leg, running from the hamstring through the toes. I was diagnosed as having 2 herniated discs, one of which also had a tear. After no improvement for several months through all prior maintenance/therapy actions, I was referred to iOBX…and my life changed.After thorough due diligence and rapidly gaining confidence/comfort with Dr. Tucker and the iOBX team (Justen! and Elissa!), a stem cell treatment using my body’s own stem cells and recovery plan was established. While much of the success of stem cell treatment for backs/discs is anecdotal, the risk reward opportunity made this the right course of action. Compared to the alternatives, this procedure is minimally invasive, has a reduced recovery period, and does not present the daunting downside — the likelihood of repeat surgeries for life. The stem cell treatment for my low back/discs took place May of 2018 and both the procedure and recovery went smoothly and with less pain than anticipated. Now a year later, I can absolutely conclude the procedure was a success!! While I still have periodic back challenges, the frequency and intensity are less than at anytime over the past perhaps 10 years. Of the greatest importance, over the past 4 months as the cell regeneration has continued, I have experience virtually no nerve-related pain! In addition to this medical success story, I want to include my recommendation, appreciation, and admiration for the key members of my iOBX team. Dr. Tucker, Justen, and Elissa were all highly professional, showed tremendous expertise, provided stellar communication, and demonstrated genuine interest in my physical and emotional welfare. Thank you so much!
Dave Zatz
18:40 13 May 19
My name is Carl Wright and I am a 60 year old retired Police Officer (35 years), and a Veteran of the U.S. Army (6 years). An avid Softball player, I had developed a torn meniscus, bone bruising, a Bakers Cyst, fluid on the knee and severe Osteoarthritis of my right knee. An Orthopedic consultation in Florida, where I live, recommended Cortisone injections probably followed by a total knee replacement. I began to research possible alternatives. My research led me to the iOBX in Charlotte. I had heard about a few professional Athletes who had been adding Stem Cell and PRP Therapy to their injury/recovery protocols to treat injuries similar to mine. What settled me on iOBX was the fact that my own Stem Cells would be used. I traveled to North Carolina on January 5, 2019, where Dr. Zeckser conducted a thorough review of my MRI and then a hands on, physical examination of my knee that included an ultrasound. Dr. Zeckser took an almost academic approach to the process and I was very impressed. Lastly, I was introduced to Mr. Justen Johnson, who is the Bracing specialist at iOBX. Justen proved to be an enormous resource for all things related to braces, crutches etc. Treatments are not covered by Medical Insurance and are completely devoid of guarantees. If you are looking for guaranteed results, iOBX will probably not be for you. But, if you believe in the science? I underwent my Stem Restore Treatment on January 26, 2019, at iOBX. My procedure was done by Dr. Jason Tucker and it went just as Dr. Tucker said that it would. At no time was I ever in any pain. A special thanks to Ms. Ellisa Bolling who met with me before my procedure to explain iOBX pain management protocols. I had been a little concerned about the Bone Marrow extraction but Dr. Tucker deftly accomplished this process and all I experienced was a little pressure. The whole thing took about five to six hours to complete and I was on my way with instructions and crutches. I underwent my Stemish Treatment on March 26, 2019, at iOBX. The process was similar to the Stem Restore treatment but with some abbreviations. To date, May 2019, my knee is fully functional with no pain or swelling!!iOBX differs from anything that we have here in Florida for the following; Established Protocols (Stem Restore then after 8 weeks, stemish fertilizer if necessary), proprietary processing protocols, meticulous attention to detail, Time Tables (Gradual weight deployment), Bone Treatment (Marrow treatment), 
Bracing Requirements (knee off-loading) Lastly, they don’t have Dr. Tucker, Dr. Zeckser, Justen Johnson or Elissa Bolling. I would definitely recommend iOBX to any of my Family members, Friends or Associates.
Alana Ragoonan
02:26 14 May 19


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