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Feel The iOBX™️ difference. Our comprehensive, diagnostic evaluation is performed by one of our board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians who spend 100% of their time treating patients using their own stem cells. It includes a thorough history, physical exam, ultrasound exam, MRI evaluation (if applicable), and Bio-Restorative education. Once the comprehensive evaluation is complete, the physician will recommend a treatment plan. Each of our treatments is considered very advanced. The physician will discuss these options with you during your examination and provide recommendations to ensure that appropriate treatment is customized and tailored to your particular situation.

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We count our cells and therefore know that we are harvesting extremely high quantities of stem cells – 200-300% more than average. Think about it like baking a cake. No matter how good the oven is (analogous to our advanced BIOLOGIX lab), if you don’t start out with the right ingredients, and right quantities, why would you expect to get a high-quality cake? If you consult with anyone else about stem cells, we would encourage you to ask them if they are counting their cells, and furthermore – if they are determining the cell viability and apoptotic counts.

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In our dedicated onsite, advanced BIOLOGIX lab, your own tissue is manually processed using our proprietary protocols to optimize the amount of “good stuff” while minimizing the amount of “bad stuff” we are implanting into and around your injured, damaged and/or arthritic area(s). This is opposed to using a “kit” and machine that processes cells in a less customized fashion, making it impossible to achieve the same concentrations and ratios when comparing to manual preparation as we use at iOBX. Your preparation here at iOBX™️ will contain more cells in a more “purified” formulation.

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We always use one or more complementary pieces of advanced imaging technology during the implantation process of your stem cell treatment. These include high-resolution ultrasound, live XRAY (fluoroscopy) and Camera Direct Visualization technologies. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians are experts in the use of this technology.

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After your treatment, we will work with you through a comprehensive post-procedural process that is tailored to your individual needs to maximize healing and treatment benefits. This process includes a series of follow up appointments to assess your progress, custom and strategic bracing for the treated joint(s), and a prescribed course of anatomically and biologically based physical therapy with a high-quality physical therapy team.

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At iOBX™️, our patients are our priority. Your health and well-being are our primary concern and helping you return to the activities you love is our goal. We constantly strive to improve our level of service, treating our patients like family. Our center and our staff reflect our commitment to innovative, compassionate Bio-Restorative Orthopedic and Sports Medicine.

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