Cervical radiculopathy (Pinched nerve)

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Defining Cervical radiculopathy (Pinched nerve)

An irritated or pinched nerve in the neck most often results from tears or herniations in the cervical discs or from narrowing in the spaces where nerves travel through the spine (cervical stenosis). Disc herniations can pinch on nerves or irritate them when inflammatory chemicals/fluid from an injured disc come in contact with nearby nerves. In cases of cervical stenosis, the nerve spaces become narrowed from arthritis and nerves are easily irritated. These scenarios result in pain and numbness radiating from the neck down the arm and sometimes hand (cervical radiculopathy).

iobx Cervical radiculopathy (Pinched nerve) Cervical radiculopathy (Pinched nerve) Treatment

Downfalls of neck surgery

Neck surgery often involves removing/cutting out disc tissue, cutting spine bones, and in some cases fusing spine bones using metal hardware. In some cases, neck surgery is a necessity but there are many instances in which surgery may not be the best option. Neck surgery is often invasive and comes with significant recovery time. Best-case scenario a small incision may be made; however when disc tissue is removed the disc has been shown to be at increased risk of recurrent herniation or tearing. When more invasive surgery is performed there are additional risks such as blood clots, heart attack, stroke, nerve injury, pneumonia, hoarse voice, and pain with recovery.

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iobx Cervical radiculopathy (Pinched nerve) Cervical radiculopathy (Pinched nerve) Treatment

A Bio-Restorative Stem Cell procedure for neck and arm pain

Traditionally, treatment of a pinched nerve in the neck is treated with medications, injections, or invasive spine surgeries that involve removing/cutting out disc tissue, cutting spine bones, and in some cases fusing spine bones using metal hardware.
A Bio-Restorative Stem Cell procedure for neck and arm pain is an ultra- minimally invasive same-day injection procedure designed to alleviate pain, improve function, slow degeneration, and aid in healing. In addition to being less invasive than surgery, the procedure conveys less risk of complications and less downtime. Most importantly, it allows you to keep your tissue preserved rather than cutting it out and changing the strength of the tissue and mechanics of surrounding spine areas.
In other words, the Stem Cells from your own body harness your own body’s healing capability to naturally restore, reduce pain and get you back to doing the things you love.


At its foundation, iOBX was created to provide advanced high-quality bio-restorative stem cell procedures and a concierge, patient-centered experience. The Board-Certified Physicians at iOBX are extremely experienced in successfully treating neck pain with associated cervical radiculopathy and have devoted their careers toward treating Orthopedic conditions using Stem Cells from the patients’ own body. We are 100% dedicated to Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatments (you probably wouldn’t go to a part-time brain surgeon, so why would you go to part-time Stem Cell doctor or even worse a mid-level Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner). iOBX Physicians have extensive experience in precisely implanting your own Stem Cells into your lateral elbow tendons (Tennis elbow areas) using cutting-edge, precision-guided imaging technology. Our amazing physicians always make sure to put the patient’s needs first in a complete patient-centered process, that includes concierge in-depth consultation with a medical doctor, and continuous check-ups even after the treatment. The wonderful work of our team is reflected in all our independent 5-star reviews

Countless independent 5-star reviews

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iOBX Stem Cell Jeri

I came to iOBX with pain in my elbow. I couldn’t work out at the gym or do my daily activities without pain that limited by quality of life. I had Bio-Restorative treatment done using by own body’s cells and have been very pleased with results. I am now back at the gym and not inhibited by my elbow pain. I would highly recommend iOBX for a natural, effective approach to healing and pain relief.

iOBX Stem Cell Ace

Being a NFL running back for a decade took a toll on my body. Going on 2 and a half years ago I underwent Stem Cell treatment with iOBX for both knees and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. I had cartilage loss, torn meniscus, loose ligaments, swelling and 10/10 pain especially in my left knee. Now I have virtually no problems with either knee and couldn’t be more pleased...

iOBX Stem Cell Chas

They helped me with a severely arthritic great-toe joint. Their treatment combined with the therapy they recommended at the PT Center has enabled me to go from walking awkwardly to getting back into jogging. A professional, caring, and helpful approach to health care.


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