It is a bit like the Wild West; it can easily seem overwhelming to determine your best treatment options at a legitimate Orthopedic and Sports
Medicine Stem Cell Center. To help, we have developed a simple checklist to determine if a facility is legitimate.

Stem Cell Checklist

  • Are they 100% dedicated to Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Stem Cell treatments?
  • Do they have Board Certified Physicians who have dedicated a career to Stem Cell treatments?
  • Do they have hundreds of independent online reviews from STEM CELL patients they’ve treated?
  • Do they spend 1.5-2 hours with you during your in depth consultation figuring out what is wrong with you?
  • Do they provide financial Assurance by giving a guarantee of results?
  • Is the treatment based on the most up to date clinical science and years of personal experience?
  • Do they use your own body’s (autologous) stem cells?
  • Do they follow FDA guidelines for processing your bone marrow and fat tissue?
  • Do they have an Onsite advanced stem cell based laboratory?
  • Do they bio-adapt stem cell preparation based on each patient’s specific needs & genetics?
  • Do they know the dosing (number of stem cells), purification and viability of stem cells for your treatment?
  • Do they utilize and have training in imaging technologies for precision guided implantation, such as live X-ray, ultrasound and micro-camera technologies?
  • Is the clinical staff committed to an outstanding patient experience?
  • Do they engage in a comprehensive approach, including a strategic rehabilitation course using bracing and other ancillary modalities to optimize healing?
  • Do they provide IV sedation? If not, expect to experience pain during your procedure.
  • Will they match you with a prior patient to discuss their journey?
  • Do they offer treatment on the same day as your consult? If so, that is a red flag…


Our proprietary protocols allow us to collect high quantities of viable stem cells, support cells, and cellular factors that promote a Bio-Restorative response. We have advanced technology, instrumentation, and expertise to reliably produce high quality stem cell formulations for our patients.



Manual processing of bone marrow and adipose provides a major advantage over automated bedside centrifuge systems. We are able to maximally concentrate and purify our stem cell preparations, determine cell counts, and assess cell viability. This ensures a maximal dosage of viable cells for treatment.



Because we manually process your stem cells, we are able to adjust our protocols in order to get higher cell and growth factor yields and concentrations at better purities. At iOBX®, we have the technology and expertise for formulating treatments that are joint/area and patient specific.

Patient Safety

Patient safety is a top priority at iOBX®. Our Stem Cell Laboratory maintains and adheres to a stringent level of cleanliness and sterility. We process stem cells from bone marrow and fat tissue utilizing FDA compliant guidelines. The safety standards, focus on patients, and scientific expertise provided by the Advanced Onsite Orthopedic Biologics Laboratory at iOBX® make for a unique and outstanding patient experience.