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The phenomenon of hip osteoarthritis

The hip joint microenvironment normally functions to supply cartilage and supportive knee tissue (ie labrum) with key factors that keep these tissues healthy and strong. The phenomenon of hip osteoarthritis is complex, but hallmarks include an unhealthy microenvironment for cartilage leading to cartilage loss, bony spurs (osteophytes), and subsequent narrowing of the hip joint space. Inflammation ensues when the lining of the joint (synovium) becomes inflamed causes hip swelling. Additionally, as the joint narrows and the hip bones push together bone bruises (bone marrow lesions) may result. Collectively these processes can produce chronic hip pain for patients with this condition.

iOBX Hip Osteoarthritis Hip Osteoarthritis Stem Cell Treatment

Downfalls of hip joint replacement

Hip joint replacement surgery is an invasive procedure in which the ends of your hip bone and socket are cut out and an artificial metal prosthesis is used as a replacement. Complicating factors include prolonged downtime, hardware misalignment, and risks such as infection, blood clot, pneumonia, stroke, and heart attack. Additionally, hardware may loosen requiring additional follow up surgery.

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iOBX Hip Osteoarthritis iOBX® Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment

A Bio-Restorative Stem Cell procedure for Hip Osteoarthritis

A Bio-Restorative Stem Cell procedure for hip joint arthritis is an ultra-minimally invasive same-day injection procedure designed to alleviate pain, improve function, and slow hip joint degeneration with an aim at joint preservation. In addition to being less invasive than surgery, the procedure conveys less risk of complications and in many cases less downtime. Though it is not covered by insurance carriers, out of pocket costs for this procedure are often comparable to hip replacement surgery when considering copayments and loss productivity associated with surgery. Most importantly, this joint preserving procedure allows you to keep your own hip joint rather than cut it out and replace it with metal.


At its foundation, iOBX® was created to provide advanced high-quality bio-restorative stem cell procedures and a concierge, patient-centered experience. Physicians at the Center are well experienced in successfully treating hip pain caused by hip osteoarthritis. While many facilities have practitioners that non-precisely inject stem cells into the hip joint, physicians at iOBX® are board-certified and fellowship-trained in placing stem cells directly into arthritic areas in the hip joint. In cases of severe Hip Osteoarthritis special techniques to place stem cells within the hip bones may be recommended. This helps ensure that key areas are being adequately treated for optimal healing potential. Additionally, physicians at iOBX® use high-pressure harvesting and aspirate from multiple bone marrow sites to collect 200-300% more mesenchymal stem cells than average. Unlike many clinics that may use non-living placental stem cell products, we collect stem cells from one’s own body and analyze preparations for quantity and viability to ensure that we are consistently delivering a high-quality restorative treatment of the hip joint.