We have tailored our practice, staff, and protocols to specifically accommodate out-of-town patients


Outside of Carolinas?
No problem!

We have patients from around the globe fly in for our procedures. Let us schedule a phone call with one of our physicians to see if you would be a good fit for our procedures and have our staff plan your stay and go over your treatment options.


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For out of town patients, we offer an initial consultation over the phone, and then a secondary in-person comprehensive evaluation at your convenience. Let us review your medical records and customize your treatment recommendations.

Out of Town Patients

  • Are you considering having a Stem Cell treatment, but do not reside in North Carolina? Many of our patients fly national and internationally to meet our board-certified orthopedic & sports medicine physicians who are completely dedicated to Orthopedic Stem cell treatments.
  • As part of our out of town patient protocol, we offer complimentary limo transportation to and from Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) and assist you with hotel and travel arrangements to ensure it is a seamless process for you. If you do choose to have a comprehensive consultation, we will start with either a 10 min no charge “pre-consult to provide you with some general additional info or a paid phone consultation, which will include the review of your MRI (if available).
  • If you want to move forward you will then have two options:
    1. you can either make a separate trip to Charlotte to be seen in-person at the Center,
    2. you can have your in-person consultation and treatment in the same trip (usually on back to back days – consultation and pre-procedure appointments one day, a treatment the next day, fly home following day).
  • This is completely up to you, what you are comfortable with and what your schedule allows. We will work with you to customize and individualize logistics just like we customize and individualize your Stem Cell treatment. Call us for more information about coming in from out-of-town: (980) 859-2340

iOBX Out of town patients

Charlotte, NC Center

2020 has seen a massive rise in
Stem Cell treatment centers

It is a bit like the Wild West; it can easily seem overwhelming to determine your best treatment options at a legitimate Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Stem Cell Center. To help, we have developed a simple “cheat sheet” checklist to determine if a facility is legitimate.

2020 has seen a massive rise in
Stem Cell treatment centers

It is a bit like the Wild West; it can easily seem overwhelming to determine your best treatment options at a legitimate Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Stem Cell Center. To help, we have developed a simple “cheat sheet” checklist to determine if a facility is legitimate.


Mike Duncan, Ph.D.
Harvard trained cell biologist & lead scientist at iOBX®.

  • Are they 100% dedicated to Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Stem Cell treatments?
  • Do they have Board Certified Physicians who have dedicated a career to Stem Cell treatments?
  • Do they have dozens of independent online reviews from STEM CELL patients they’ve treated?
  • Do they spend 1.5-2 hours with you during your in depth consultation figuring out what is wrong with you?
  • Is the treatment based on the most up to date clinical science and years of personal experience?
  • Do they use your own body’s (autologous) stem cells?
  • Do they follow FDA guidelines for processing your bone marrow and fat tissue?
  • Do they have an Onsite advanced stem cell based laboratory?
  • Do they bio-adapt stem cell preparation based on each patient’s specific needs & genetics?
  • Do they know the dosing (number of stem cells), purification and viability of stem cells for your treatment?
  • Do they utilize and have training in imaging technologies for precision guided implantation, such as live X-ray, ultrasound and micro-camera technologies?
  • Is the clinical staff committed to an outstanding patient experience?
  • Do they engage in a comprehensive approach, including a strategic rehabilitation course using bracing and other ancillary modalities to optimize healing?


I’ve always had a fantasy to get off a plane and be greeted by a limo driver holding a card with my name on it. Now, thanks to iOBX® I can scratch that one off my bucket list! When I recently flew from Maine to Charlotte for consultation with iOBX™️ about stem cells for my torn rotator cuff, they provided the airport car service (to and from) the way most practices throw in a bottle of water! Also, staff recommended nearby hotels, making travel logistics a snap.
But travel logistics was just the beginning, as I continue to find myself profoundly appreciative and awed by the grace, sensitivity and kindness which has characterized every single interaction with the iOBX™️ organization to date.
This Center distinguishes itself with cutting-edge science and a meticulous approach to stem cell procedures, coupled with an attentive, compassionate and professional staff. When they told me in advance they like to treat their patients like family, they weren’t exaggerating. And I guess I’m so impressed because while this is a nice idea, it’s an all-too-rare reality these days.



Homewood Suites

12030 Copper Way, Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: (704) 544-7902
* Closest accommodations to our center


Charlotte Douglas International Airport

5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28208
View site
* Closest airport to our center



Aloft Ballantyne

13139 Ballantyne Corporate Place Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: (704) 544-7902
* Complimentary Shuttle: 2 Mile Radius 24/7


The Ballantyne Hotel

10000 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: (704) 248-4000
* Complimentary Shuttle: 1 Mile each direction 6:30am – 10:30pm


SpringHill Suites

12325 Johnston Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: (704) 817-1500
* Less than a mile away from our center


Hampton Inn

11935 N Community House Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: (704) 372-2226
* Complimentary Shuttle: 3 Mile Radius 8am to 5pm


iOBX Stem Cell Jeri

I came to iOBX® with pain in my elbow. I couldn’t work out at the gym or do my daily activities without pain that limited by quality of life. I had Bio-Restorative treatment done using by own body’s cells and have been very pleased with results. I am now back at the gym and not inhibited by my elbow pain. I would highly recommend iOBX for a natural, effective approach to healing and pain relief.

iOBX Stem Cell Ace

Being a NFL running back for a decade took a toll on my body. Going on 2 and a half years ago I underwent Stem Cell treatment with iOBX® for both knees and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. I had cartilage loss, torn meniscus, loose ligaments, swelling and 10/10 pain especially in my left knee. Now I have virtually no problems with either knee and couldn’t be more pleased...

iOBX Stem Cell Chas

They helped me with a severely arthritic great-toe joint. Their treatment combined with the therapy they recommended at the PT Center has enabled me to go from walking awkwardly to getting back into jogging. A professional, caring, and helpful approach to health care.


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