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The phenomenon of Thumb (CMC) Arthritis

There are many factors both genetic and environmental that contribute to the disease process. In many cases, patients may have a history of repetitive activity that involves working with their hands. Loss of cartilage and bone spurs are hallmarks of Thumb (CMC) Arthritis. Often overlooked, the thumb joint microenvironment becomes “catabolic” meaning that it contains an increased level of destructive enzymes that destroy the thumb joint over time.

iobx Thumb (CMC) Arthritis

Downfalls of thumb joint surgery

Thumb joint surgery is an invasive procedure in which surgeons typically attach a separate tendon into the thumb joint or fuse the joint. It is not uncommon for the surgery to yield limited positive improvements. Complicating factors include prolonged downtime, persistent pain, decreased thumb motion.

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iobx Thumb (CMC) Arthritis

A Bio-Restorative Stem Cell procedure for Thumb (CMC) Arthritis

A Bio-Restorative Stem Cell procedure for those with Thumb (CMC) Arthritis is an ultra-minimally invasive same-day injection procedure designed to alleviate pain, improve function, and slow thumb joint degeneration with an aim at joint preservation. In addition to being less invasive than surgery, the procedure conveys less risk of complications and in many cases less downtime. Though it is not covered by insurance carriers, out of pocket costs for this procedure are often comparable to Thumb (CMC) Arthritis surgery when considering copayments and loss productivity associated with surgery. Most importantly, this joint preserving procedure allows you to keep your own hip joint rather than cut it out and replace it with metal. In other words, the Stem Cells from your own body harness your own body’s healing capability to naturally restore, reduce pain and get you back to doing the things you love.


At its foundation, iOBx was created to provide advanced high-quality bio-restorative stem cell procedures and a concierge, patient-centered experience.
The Board-Certified Physicians at iOBX are extremely experienced in successfully treating Thumb (CMC) Arthritis and have devoted their careers toward treating Orthopedic conditions using Stem Cells from the patients’ own body. We are 100% dedicated to Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatments (you probably wouldn’t go to a part-time brain surgeon, so why would you go to part-time Stem Cell doctor or even worse a mid-level Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner). iOBX Physicians have extensive experience in precisely implanting your own Stem Cells into your arthritic thumb using cutting-edge, precision-guided imaging technology. Our amazing physicians always make sure to put the patient’s needs first in a complete patient-centered process, that includes concierge in-depth consultation with a medical doctor, and continuous check-ups even after the treatment. The wonderful work of our team is reflected in all our independent 5-star reviews

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iOBX Stem Cell Robert

I have had so many experiences with hospitals and surgeries but have never had such an awesome team of medical doctors and nurses. They are really connected with us as people. They were very detailed and spent time to determine the right Stem Cell treatment for me and my back and knee. It was great to see that you have fun as a team and enjoy working together...[Read More]

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My pain started five years ago in my right knee. I had severe pain when I walked and flexed my knee or when I went up and down stairs. I went to an orthopedic doctor and he recommended doing MRI. The MRI results showed I had torn ligaments and menisci and thin cartilage causing bone friction and pain. So, he recommended different treatments, starting with traditional treatments like NSAID pills, Cortisone shots, SYNVICs injection and physical therapy...[Read More]

iOBX Stem Cell Chas

They helped me with a severely arthritic great-toe joint. Their treatment combined with the therapy they recommended at the PT Center has enabled me to go from walking awkwardly to getting back into jogging. A professional, caring, and helpful approach to health care.[Read More]