Stem Cell Therapy vs Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet rich plasma, commonly called PRP, is not a stem cell treatment. It is a solution created from processing a patient’s blood that supports cell activity. An Orthopedic Stem Cell formulation, on the other hand, comes from bone marrow and contains stem cells, immune cells, and a host of factors that can heal your joint. There is an explosion in interest for these types of bio-restorative treatments for joint pain. Damaging steroid injections and invasive surgeries are so common, and often lead to bad long term consequences for people seeking pain relief. iOBX is excited about giving patients more options. With so many choices, it can be challenging to understand the advantages and disadvantages for each type of treatment. 

Platelet rich plasma, commonly called PRP, provides factors that may support the body’s healing response. Mild or minor injuries may respond well to PRP, although the relief may be short term (6 months or less). However if you want sustained relief and/or suffer from chronic, debilitating joint pain, you need a more comprehensive approach. iOBX is a world leader in orthopedic stem cell therapy. We provide comprehensive treatment plans that give our patients an unparalleled experience and provide them with long term relief. 

Many people like to share their experiences with PRP and stem cell therapy online. When reading reviews for a stem cell treatment or platelet rich plasma therapy, be sure to look for patient satisfaction in both the short and long term.  Everyone is going to respond a little differently and your experience may differ. For example, we often see differences in the recovery time for our patients. The recovery time following a PRP injection or stem cell treatment can vary based on many factors including age, activity level, and weight.

Oftentimes PRP clinics will point out that the costs for PRP therapy are lower than a stem cell treatment.  You have to keep in mind that, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. A high quality, precision guided stem cell treatment will provide sustained pain relief and gain of function that has a long term impact.  

We most frequently provide PRP as a supplement to a stem cell treatment. A major advantage compared to steroid injections and surgery is that the side effects of PRP and stem cells are minor when delivered by a skilled physician provider. Using your own platelets and cells are a safe and effective way to treat your joint pain.