We are ecstatic to introduce iOBX’s very own blog series. Through these blogs, we hope to educate everyone not only about the massively growing field of Stem Cell Orthopedics but why iOBX is in the forefront of this revolutionary field of pain relief.

We understand that while seeking pain relief, there are a lot of confusing choices out there with each one claiming to be better than the next. Through these blogs, our main aim is to reduce the confusion and help you choose the best option for you that provides long-term relief in the least invasive way.

For several years, iOBX has been making people’s lives better every single day through their cutting edge and ground-breaking Stem Cell Orthopedic Treatments. iOBX’s goal is to treat each patient and make them pain-free for life with the same diligence, thoughtfulness, and care as their own family. Our physicians are 100% dedicated to Stem Cell Orthopedic and Sportsmedicine Treatments.

  • Weekly updates from:

  • Dr. Jason Tucker MD, FABPMR, RMSK, Medical Director

  • Dr. Jeff Zeckser, MD, FABPMR, RMSK, Staff Physician

  • Dr. Michael Duncan, Ph.D., iOBX Lab Scientist

  • And the rest of our staff

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